Friday, March 19, 2010

Totally Tubular

New Hair for Tiny Avatars

Out of this world hair for the daring tiny!
Totally Tubular Hair

Click on the hair to bring up a dialog menu. The menu has sub menus for the rings and hair.

The hair is copy and mod. Make a backup copy of the hair before you resize/modify it just in case! The hair has mod permissions so you can resize and edit the hair so it better fits your avatar.

Savoir Hair

Teagan Blackthorne very kindly posted about the Super Soft Knit Hat! Read the post and see other new hairstyles from around the grid at

I was so excited to see it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Gift at Delight

Easter Egg Madness Hunt

Free hat/hair
Two hair/hat combos as part of the Easter Egg Madness Hunt. Green and Purple variations with and without hair.

The prize is sized for humanoids, but intrepid tinies can pick it up and resize to fit them also!

Prize is at the Delight mainland location (SLURL).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiny Shoppers

New Group for Tinies!

Shoppers: Are you looking to keep up with the latest in tiny fashions, accessories, home and garden items, and other tiny wares? Join this group to get notices from shopkeepers when they release new items!

Shopkeepers: Would you like to announce new items to the tiny community? Join this group to keep tinies in the loop about your new products!

Note: this group is not tied to a particular community. It is for all tiny shoppers and shopkeepers on the grid.


It's a free group! In Second Life click the Search button at the bottom of your screen, then click on the Groups tab. Type "Tiny Shoppers" in the search box, then click the Join (L$0) to become a member! If SL is being wonky and you can't find the group in search, you can click on my profile (Misa Delight) and then double click on the group name in my group lists. You can also see the group information on the Second Life website.

Flickr group:


Do you have a shop that sells Tiny wares? If you are a shopkeeper, please let Misa Delight or Awenbunny Lisle know so they can add you to the shopkeeper role.


If you are a shopkeeper, please follow these guidelines. These are meant to keep the amount of notices to a reasonable amount so that we keep our lovely shoppers from dialog overload!
1. Please post notices at most twice a month (every two weeks).
2. Only post about tiny items, or items that work fine for tinies. This is the only group I know of (so far) that posts about new releases for tiny avatars that isn't tied to one specific community. If you've got a list of new releases that are primarily tiny, but also include some biggie stuff - that's fine. Just don't send out notices that are primarily about humanoid items! There are already tons of groups for that.
3. Please only post about new releases in your stores. However, you can add other information (for example if you are having a sale on older outfits) in your notice as long as it follows the new releases- essentially we don't want a lot of popups about older wares... we primarily want notices about new items!
4. If possible, attach a notecard with a landmark, picture, and more detailed information to your notice. Landmarks so we can easily find your store, a picture so we can see what your new release looks like, and any other information you think is relevant!
5. Posting in chat is fine as long as you don't post the same thing over and over.

If you have any questions about this group please let me know!

Monday, March 8, 2010

March Happiness

New Items at Delight!

The March newsletter just went out with a special hot green Stevebuck's tea to warm you up! It's animated and works with Wynx (and compatible) tinies (wear it to sip your drink).


St. Paddy Outfits

Need an outfit for St. Paddy's? Delight has a long and short dress, satin material, green with shamrock designs. Includes two bags (handbag and clutch), sandal shoes, and a barrette. All for only $200L!

New items in the Delight boards!

Five MM boards - each with a different prize =)

Raglan Shire (hat)
Morning Shire (special Gun Moll hair - green with shamrocks)
Mainland (two locations - right next to each other - one has argyle textures, the other a hat)
Hugmart (hat)

Easter Egg Madness Hunt

March 14th - April 10th: visit the mainland Delight for Humanoids location to pick up a spiffy hat/hair combo for your biggie! Also included are the hats without hair for menfolk or those who want to wear a different hair with the hat =)

Fearless tinies can also pick these up and stretch them to fit since they are mod!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Knit Hair/Hat

Shaggy Hair/Hat Combo

Tiny Avatar Version

Super Soft Knit Hat
11 Hair colors, 5 Pins, and 50+ Knit hat top colors

Humanoid Version

Super Soft Knit Hat
11 Hair colors, 5 Pins, and 50+ Knit hat top colors

Use a menu to change the color of the pins, hair, or the top of the knit hat

There are five pin options: a paw print in green, blue, or purple, and a heart or broken heart

Eleven hair colors available

Over fifty colors to tint the top of the hat

The hat is copy and mod, but make a backup copy of the hat before you resize/modify it just in case!

The Tiny version has three pre-sized options: cat (large), bunneh (small), and ferret (x-small). Each option has hair modified to better suit the faces. The hat has mod permissions so you can resize and edit the hair so it better fits your avatar.

The version for humanoids is mod/copy so you can resize to better fit your avatar.