Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Fireplace - Free Gift!

Kitty Advent Calendar Gift

Holiday Fireplace - Dinky with fireplace
 Colorful holiday fireplace for you and your kitties. Fireplace is scripted - owner can turn fire on or off, or change colors.

Holiday Fireplace - for humanoids
Optional colorful stockings can be hung across the mantle. There are three versions of the rug - one for humanoids, one for dinkies, and one for tinies. Wonderful Noc Farstrider posed for the humanoid pic in a fab sweater from Sanura's Somnia store.

Holiday Fireplace - tiny on rug
Shift and arrow moves between two poses for each rug. Humanoids and dinkies have a drinking coffee/eating snack animation and a sit pose. Coffee cup included for humans, chocolate bar included for dinkies. Tinies have laying on their side gazing into the fire, or laying back.

Each rug leaves plenty of room for kitties to come snuggle with you! (KittyCats not included in gift, but available at the KittyCats sim!)

If you have friends over you can put out more rugs!

Great pics of the gift and description at A Passion for Virtual Fashion!

This free gift will be available starting December 8th, 2013 and lasting throughout the advent calendar event (it is under the 8th door). Visit the KittyCats sim for this and other fabulous gifts!