Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall 2013 Dresses: Confetti, Skull Star, and Pumpkin

Fall 2013 Dresses

New party dresses for fall! All dresses are in the Lucky Boards and Midnight Mania at Delight's main store.

Lucky Board Prizes: Confetti Dresses

Five variations of the new confetti dress! The lucky board cycles every 5 minutes to a new letter.

Confetti Party Dress

Confetti Party Dress

Lucky Board Prize: Skull Star Dress

Lucky board is set to cycle every 10 minutes.

Confetti Party Dress

Midnight Mania: Pumpkin Party Dress

Only 10 people need to click the board to get this pumpkin dress that is perfect for Autumn and Halloween!

Pumpkin Part Dress

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ped Beds (free!)

Autumn Pet Beds 
Free pet beds in the ScratchN Post hunt! There are two variations - a plain autumn one, and one with a pumpkin jack face.

 Punkin Spice Pet Bed @ ScratchN Post CreatioNs Hunt

Punkin Jack Pet Bed @ ScratchN Post CreatioNs Hunt
The hunt is taking place over both sims - lots of fantastic gifts available.

Below is a spoiler - stop reading now if you don't want a hint!

hunt post