Misa's Guide to How Things Work: KittyCat Traits

Misa's explanations are NOT guaranteed to be accurate.
How do KittyCats virtual pets decide which traits to pass?
Hidden traits are ALWAYS more recessive
or are the same as the shown
(for example: showing curious tail, hiding curious tail).
There are charts that show which traits are more dominant!
KittyCats secretly flip a coin to see whether they want to pass their hidden or shown trait.
Misa has never actually seen one of the KittyCats flip a coin, but is convinced this is how it happens.
A KittyCat can choose to pass EITHER a shown or hidden trait.
This is chance - a flip of a coin.
Once each parent has decided whether to pass their hidden or shown trait
for each possible trait (fur, eye color, ear type, tail type, etc.),
this list from each of the parents is passed to the offspring.
The offspring has TWO lists of traits - one from each parent!
Each possible trait will use what the mom and dad both passed to the kitten
however one will be shown, and the other hidden. Which trait is shown depends on
whichever trait is more dominant, and what is hidden depends on
whichever trait is more recessive.