Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gatcha Ornaments!

Only 15L for a random ornament? WOW what a deal! :D

~Delight~ Ornament Gatcha
These are MOD/TRANS so you can keep it and tint it whatever color you like (or make it as big as you like!), or you can give to a friend.
Two prims with the hook - tho if you are prim-conservative you can unlink it and delete the hook for a one-prim ornament.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Collection 2010

The new Winter Collection is in the Delight vendors!

The new Winter Collection is out in the vendors, each item is only $125L.
Three outfits for holiday and winter wear:
-Shiny Happy Dresses and Gowns
-Cuddle Snugs
-Bond Street Tartan Wraps

Shiny Happy Dresses and Gowns

Six colors of each style (dress and gown).
~Delight~Shiny Happy Dress (in American Dollar colors)
~Delight~ Shiny Happy Gown (in Sea Foamy colors)

Cuddle Snugs

Six colors of argyle: Sea Kelp, Spinach Salad, Grape, Toasted, Blueberry, and Collegiate.
Delight - Cuddle Snug

Bond Street Tartan Wraps

Six colors of tart wraps: Raspberry, Blueberry, Red Apple, Papaya, Rhubarb, and Green Apple.
Delight - Bond Street Tartan Wrap

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I is Thanksfull Sale

50%-75% off most Delight items

Sale starts November 24th at midnight (SLT), and will last into early December. Sale items are marked down in vendors (vendors will show the sale prices, but the images for the items show the full price).

Sale locations are:

Raglan Shire: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raglan%20Shire/34/186/23
Morning Shire: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Morning%20Shire/56/221/21
Potter: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Potter/5/106/27

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cat Eye Shaped Sunglasses (Color Change)

This Weekend Only - 50L!

Delight Cat Eye Shaped Glasses
New item for this week's Tiny Swagtastic Weekend - Cat Eye Shaped Sunglasses that are color change with over 50 colors via HUD! After this weekend the price will be 100L.

Currently only available in the Delight mainstore on Raglan Shire (slurl).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Groovy Outfits

Seven Yummy Colors

Passionfruit, Purkle, Blueberry, Lagoon, Honeydew, Papaya, and Mango!

~Delight~ Groovy Passionfruit

~Delight~ Groovy Lagoon

Tintable Belt

If you would like to change the color of the belt you can!
  1. Make a copy of the existing skirt in case you ever want the original belt again.
  2. Right click on the skirt and choose Edit from the pie menu.
  3. The edit/build palette window should be open now. There are several options at the top of the window (Position, Rotate, Stretch, Select Texture, and Edit linked parts). Click the box next to Edit linked parts.
  4. Now click on the belt. It should be the only thing selected now.
  5. Under the Texture tab you'll see two little icon windows - one for the Texture and one for the Color. Click on the Color square. Now you can pick whichever color you like best!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Party

Art! Party!

Garden of Misa Deligts Art Show!

DJ Dorian, free t-shirts for tinies, and prizes! Party starts at 3PM SLT on Wednesday, June 30th.
Art Annex on Tiatopia Island (SLURL)

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Tiki Outfits!

New Summer Wear in Nine Different Colors

Teal, Green, Yellow, Red, Purkle, Peach, Orange, Brown and Blue

Brown Tiki Outfit

Purkle Tiki Outfit

AND the red Tiki Outfit will be only 50L this weekend as part of the Tiny Swagtastic event!
Red Tiki Outfit

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heart Shaped Glasses

Color Change Sunglasses

$100L pair of heart-shaped sunglasses with a color change menu.

~Delight~ heart shaped glasses
Tinies with eyes on the side of their heads will probably prefer the glasses without sides - they comfortably sit on the bridge of your nose... no arm pieces needed.

~Delight~ heart shaped glasses

Heart Shaped Glasses Menu
Clicking on the glasses brings up a menu allowing you to change the color of the frames. Over 50+ options in the menu!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden of Misa Delights

Art Exhibit June 30th

Come to the fabulous Tiatopia Island to see the art exhibit "Garden of Misa Delights" (a play on the famous title of Hieronymus Bosch's painting). There will be music too! Dorian will be the DJ :D!

I'll have new paintings, sculptures, some drawings I haven't shown before, topiary, some older work, and some of the artworks are framed in "art flowers" that you can put in your garden or in a planter. Hope you'll join me for the opening June 30th at 3 pm SLT!

Fab poster by Dorian

New Location!

Delight at Tiatopia Island

Delight has a new location at Tiatopia! SLURL: Tiatopia Location

Friday, June 18, 2010

Swagtastic Weekends

50L Treats!

The fabulous Tia has masterminded a brilliant event - 50L weekend specials for tinies! Wooooot! Get the details at her blog.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Shimmer Outfits

Mix and Match Outfits

New summer outfits come with two types of top, and three types of skirt, and the poof skirt can be overlaid with the longer skirts to create even more options. You can mix and match to create different looks.

Summer Shimmer is available in several different colors, or you can get the Super Pack that has all the shimmers plus an additional 50+ colors.
Summer Shimmer Outfit - Super Pack

Summer Shimmer Super Pack
The Super Pack outfit has a dialogue menu to change colors. The Shimmers sub menu section has all eight of the shimmer colors, the other sub menus have the additional 50+ single colors.

Summer Shimmer Teal
Example combination: seafoam top and poof skirt

Available at Delight!

You can also see more pictures at the Tiny Shoppers blog.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hot Summer Day?

You Need Donut Chairs!

The perfect seat for a warm sweltering summer day - a yummy donut chair with chocolate, vanilla, or berry icing.

Donut Chair

Donut Chair

Donut Chair

For a limited time the chairs are in the Midnight Mania boards (free!). When they come out of the MM boards they will be in the vendors for the very reasonable price of 15L per donut :D

Store links on the location page.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haiku Speed Build

Special Jewell's new blog

Special has a site where she posts information about haiku speed build, and pictures from the events!

And a pic of my build from last week is up there!

HSB in Raglan Shire

SPECIAL EDITION Haiku Speedbuild in Heron Shire 6PM!

All SKILL Levels are WELCOME!

From Special's notice:
Special Edition, third Tuesday of each month, a haiku is chosen for the theme of the speedbuild, and the haiku will be revealed right before the contest begins. Each contestant will have 50 minutes to create a sculpture that best exemplifies the haiku within a 50 prim limit. Building pads are available on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to get there early!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Artwalk 2010!

Artwalk Opens

Raglan Shire's Artwalk 2010 opened with a fab party! There are tons of amazing artworks up all over the shire - don't miss this event.

Artwalk 2010: My RL artworks

If you want to see some of my RL artworks, they are across from my store in Raglan (slurl).

Friday, May 7, 2010

Art Topiary!

Decoration or Frame

If you love the art on the hedges at Raglan's Art Walk, you can get the Art Topiary Package to have a place to put your artwork all year around! Or, if you just want topiary for decoration, there is a version without a frame as well.
Art Topiary

To add your own artwork image to the frame, rez a copy of the topiary. The portrait version is a vertical frame, and the landscape is a horizontal frame. Select the picture in your inventory and drag it over and drop it on the front face of the frame.

Alternatively, you can right click on the frame and choose edit. Then select the option to select texture and click on the front face of the frame. Then you can choose the texture tab in the edit palette and click on the texture icon. A pop-up window will then allow you to select your image from your inventory.

An example of the portrait art topiary with an image on it, and with the pot color changed:
Topiary Frame

The art topiary is on sale at all Delight locations (main location in Raglan Shire: SLURL)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Totally Tubular

New Hair for Tiny Avatars

Out of this world hair for the daring tiny!
Totally Tubular Hair

Click on the hair to bring up a dialog menu. The menu has sub menus for the rings and hair.

The hair is copy and mod. Make a backup copy of the hair before you resize/modify it just in case! The hair has mod permissions so you can resize and edit the hair so it better fits your avatar.

Savoir Hair

Teagan Blackthorne very kindly posted about the Super Soft Knit Hat! Read the post and see other new hairstyles from around the grid at savoirhairsl.com.

I was so excited to see it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Gift at Delight

Easter Egg Madness Hunt

Free hat/hair
Two hair/hat combos as part of the Easter Egg Madness Hunt. Green and Purple variations with and without hair.

The prize is sized for humanoids, but intrepid tinies can pick it up and resize to fit them also!

Prize is at the Delight mainland location (SLURL).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiny Shoppers

New Group for Tinies!

Shoppers: Are you looking to keep up with the latest in tiny fashions, accessories, home and garden items, and other tiny wares? Join this group to get notices from shopkeepers when they release new items!

Shopkeepers: Would you like to announce new items to the tiny community? Join this group to keep tinies in the loop about your new products!

Note: this group is not tied to a particular community. It is for all tiny shoppers and shopkeepers on the grid.


It's a free group! In Second Life click the Search button at the bottom of your screen, then click on the Groups tab. Type "Tiny Shoppers" in the search box, then click the Join (L$0) to become a member! If SL is being wonky and you can't find the group in search, you can click on my profile (Misa Delight) and then double click on the group name in my group lists. You can also see the group information on the Second Life website.

Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/tinyshoppers/
Blog: tinyshoppers.blogspot.com


Do you have a shop that sells Tiny wares? If you are a shopkeeper, please let Misa Delight or Awenbunny Lisle know so they can add you to the shopkeeper role.


If you are a shopkeeper, please follow these guidelines. These are meant to keep the amount of notices to a reasonable amount so that we keep our lovely shoppers from dialog overload!
1. Please post notices at most twice a month (every two weeks).
2. Only post about tiny items, or items that work fine for tinies. This is the only group I know of (so far) that posts about new releases for tiny avatars that isn't tied to one specific community. If you've got a list of new releases that are primarily tiny, but also include some biggie stuff - that's fine. Just don't send out notices that are primarily about humanoid items! There are already tons of groups for that.
3. Please only post about new releases in your stores. However, you can add other information (for example if you are having a sale on older outfits) in your notice as long as it follows the new releases- essentially we don't want a lot of popups about older wares... we primarily want notices about new items!
4. If possible, attach a notecard with a landmark, picture, and more detailed information to your notice. Landmarks so we can easily find your store, a picture so we can see what your new release looks like, and any other information you think is relevant!
5. Posting in chat is fine as long as you don't post the same thing over and over.

If you have any questions about this group please let me know!

Monday, March 8, 2010

March Happiness

New Items at Delight!

The March newsletter just went out with a special hot green Stevebuck's tea to warm you up! It's animated and works with Wynx (and compatible) tinies (wear it to sip your drink).


St. Paddy Outfits

Need an outfit for St. Paddy's? Delight has a long and short dress, satin material, green with shamrock designs. Includes two bags (handbag and clutch), sandal shoes, and a barrette. All for only $200L!

New items in the Delight boards!

Five MM boards - each with a different prize =)

Raglan Shire (hat)
Morning Shire (special Gun Moll hair - green with shamrocks)
Mainland (two locations - right next to each other - one has argyle textures, the other a hat)
Hugmart (hat)

Easter Egg Madness Hunt

March 14th - April 10th: visit the mainland Delight for Humanoids location to pick up a spiffy hat/hair combo for your biggie! Also included are the hats without hair for menfolk or those who want to wear a different hair with the hat =)

Fearless tinies can also pick these up and stretch them to fit since they are mod!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Knit Hair/Hat

Shaggy Hair/Hat Combo

Tiny Avatar Version

Super Soft Knit Hat
11 Hair colors, 5 Pins, and 50+ Knit hat top colors

Humanoid Version

Super Soft Knit Hat
11 Hair colors, 5 Pins, and 50+ Knit hat top colors

Use a menu to change the color of the pins, hair, or the top of the knit hat

There are five pin options: a paw print in green, blue, or purple, and a heart or broken heart

Eleven hair colors available

Over fifty colors to tint the top of the hat

The hat is copy and mod, but make a backup copy of the hat before you resize/modify it just in case!

The Tiny version has three pre-sized options: cat (large), bunneh (small), and ferret (x-small). Each option has hair modified to better suit the faces. The hat has mod permissions so you can resize and edit the hair so it better fits your avatar.

The version for humanoids is mod/copy so you can resize to better fit your avatar.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Delight Vendors

Buying Options

Delight is switching over to new vendors to offer "buy as gift" and gift card options!

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available in 50L, 100L, 200L, and 300L values. You can buy something for less than or equal to the value of the card. If there is a remainder, the card will let you know how much you have left and you can use it towards another purchase.

If you would like to buy something that costs more than the value on the card, you will be prompted to pay the remainder.

At this time you can't combine gift cards (so you can't use two 50L cards to buy a 100L item).

How to use:
  1. Wear the gift card
  2. Find a Gift Card Enabled Vendor
    (a sign in the store will let you know which vendors accept gift cards - see screenshot below)
  3. Find the product on the vendor so the main panel is showing it
    (scroll with arrows or use the search button)
  4. *Important* make sure the main (large) panel is showing the item that you want!
  5. Touch the main panel showing the product
  6. A dialog box should appear asking if you would like to purchase with a gift card

Buy as Gift

If you would like to buy a specific item as a gift for someone, you can use the "buy as gift" option.
How to use:
  1. Find a Vendor that has the "buy for gift" button (see screenshot below)
  2. Find the product on the vendor so the main panel is showing it
    (scroll with arrows or use the search button)
  3. *Important* make sure the main (large) panel is showing the item that you want!
  4. Touch the "buy for gift" button
  5. The vendor should whisper something along the lines of "Please speak the name of the friend you wish to purchase a product as a gift for. I will listen for the next 30 seconds."
  6. Type in the full name of the person you would like to send the gift to. Spelling counts!
  7. You should see a confirmation whispered to you that says the vendor is looking up your friend's key. Once the key has been found it will let you know, and say something along the lines of "The next product you buy from this vendor within the next two minutes will be delivered to them. To cancel this, click this button again. If somebody other than you uses this vendor in the meantime, you will need to enter the name again."
  8. Pay the vendor for the item on the Main Panel
  9. You should see a confirmation that your gift is being sent to the person!


The new vendors have a search function. Click the search icon (see screenshot below) to start the search. The vendor will ask you to type in chat what you are looking for.

Delight Vendor whispers: Please type what you would like to search for. I will show the first product that matches what you type ...
Misa Delight: mushroom
Delight Vendor whispers: Searching for 'mushroom' ...
Delight Vendor whispers: I have found a match for you; moving the vendor to the product ...

Vendor Information

Delight Vendor

Clockwise from top left:

1. Gift Cards Accepted? Look for the sign that says "Gift Card Enabled Vendor" if you wish to use a gift card to purchase an item. Some vendors do not accept gift cards. If you would like to buy something with a gift card that is in a non-gift-card enabled vendor, please contact Misa Delight!
2. Main Panel This is the item that will be purchased when you pay the vendor. Make sure that you have the right item selected and displayed in the large main panel. If you pay one of the smaller icons, it will still deliver the item in the large main panel!
3. Search Click the search icon to start a search through the vendor's items.
4. Buy as Gift Button If you would like to purchase a specific item as a gift for a friend, click this button to start the process. Make sure that the gift you would like to buy is displayed in the large main panel!
5. Arrows These arrows scroll through sections. Within each section are smaller icons - click one of those to put the product up on the main panel for purchase.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart Nommer

2010 Valentine Gift

Free hat in honor of Valentine's Day. Color changes, and has sound clip "Gives me yer heart.... I noms it!"
Nommer of Hearts
Available at the Delight Raglan Shire location!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiny Futon Side Seat

Color Change Futon & Pillows

Over 50 Colors (via Menu)

Seven Prims, Seven Poses

Tiny Futon Side Seat

Changing Colors

To change the color of either the futon or the pillows, click on the base of the futon (the largest shape). If you are the owner, you should now see a blue dialog box with two options: pillows or futon. Each of those options will take you to another menu allowing you to choose a color category, then finally a specific color. You can mix and match colors to create harmonious duets or funky combinations.


There are seven poses for tiny avatars. Each shape in the futon has a different tiny sit associated with it. Right-click on one of the parts of the futon and choose sit.
  • Main cushion: Recline on back with feet on arm rest
  • Front Pillow: Sit in center of futon, legs crossed, arms up
  • Right Pillow: Sit on right side of futon against arm rest, one arm up
  • Left Pillow: Sit on left side of futon, legs crossed, arms up
  • Back of Futon Pillow: Recline on side on top of pillows
  • Arm Rest: Recline on side of arm rest towards the back
  • Arm Rest Base: Sit on floor leaning against the base of the arm rest


The futon is copy, but it's better to pull a new copy from the inventory instead of shift-dragging. Shift dragging to copy sometimes glitches the poses. If that happens, just delete the futon and pull another out of inventory.


360 View

Free Utility at Peek360

Peek360° is a free utility for viewing virtual worlds via a browser. To test it out I put in a request for the spot near my shop on Morning Shire. Of course, being a tiny, I put in the coordinates my map showed. I was really impressed when I got an in-world IM from one of the Peek360 team letting me know that although the shot was coming out, it works much better when given an altitude of a humanoid avatar. They recommended I fly up a bit and then submit that altitude number. UPDATE: I just got a notice that they changed this so smaller avatars don't have to submit a different altitude!

Here's the first low request:

And here's my second request with a little bit higher altitude. This one is in the west side Raglan Shire:

Another helpful tip: stand at least 8 meters away from the coordinates you submitted if you'd like to be in the pictures!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


First Machinima!

I finally managed to not only make a machinima thing, but also to get it up on youtube! Hope it is still in time for the Raglan Shire Film Festival. It's um... very "first machinima-esque", but I finished it! woOooot for first try - give me an A for effort? :D

Technuuuuuu music video

Shot in Raglan Galaxy (part of Raglan Shire)
Music ("Tomcat") by Torley Wong
Cyber Tiger Outfit by TigPig
Dancer/filmer/editor: Misa Delight

Audio Track "Tomcat" is from Torley's "The Final Selection" which is released under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States (this video is also under the same license)

Friday, January 22, 2010


Art Exhibit

COLD [Art Exhibit]

Raglan Shire and I am Columbia joint exhibition!
Featuring awesome work by:
Dagmar Klaar
Dorian Longstaff
Gwenette Writer
Karmagirl Avro
Misa Delight
Peachy Sassoon
Special Jewell
Teal Freenote
Tia Macbain
Rizzo Taurus

Show opens Saturday January 30th at noon, with DJ Shady Fox spinning tunes.

Join the opening party at: I AM Columbia (slurl)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mechanipig from Funny Bunny

Lucky Chair Loot!

Funny Bunny has a new item in the lucky watermelon - a cute flying mechanical pig.

Mechanipig @ Funny Bunny
Mechanipig in action at the Silly Cube

If you want to stalk the watermelon chair with me, visit Funny Bunny!

mechanipig from funny bunny
(image by Chaffro used with permission)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Autism Awareness @Tiatopia

Huckleberry Hax Poem & Misa Delight Sculpture

Tiatopia Island has been hosting an Autism Awareness Event all week with tons of events - live music, art auction, lectures, stories, poetry readings, contests and so much more. The event is raising awareness and funds for Autism both in and out of Second Life.

The event that I have been a part of is the Poetry Build. From the press release:
POETRY BUILD: The biggest event of the entire week is one that blends poetry and 3D SL Building. Poems that have been collected from SL's poets are displayed and then the SL builder interprets the poetry using SL prims. This build will last for 4 days and will culminate into 2 days of voting. People will vote for their favorite duo by donation. All proceeds will go to Autism Research and Awareness Education. The winners will recieve high quality donated prizes from vendors all over the grid. The winners will also have their poem and build on display at Tiatopia's Fine Arts Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

The poem, "Aspie", is by Huckleberry Hax. It's a great poem and was really inspirational to build to!

Through Saturday, January 9th you can see the poem and build at Tiatopia (SLURL)

I went to Huckleberry's blog to see the post about the event and was surprised to see all the stories! Huckleberry has written a lot! And they are in online book format, too. I've only gotten half-way through one of them so far, but it's really well-written and interesting. So now I want to read them all! (Though as a PG avi I feel compelled to note that they aren't PG books.) [update: I finished the book and it was awesome!]

I've also put up the build and a screenshot showing the poem at the sky gallery on I AM Columbia island. It's a gallery show called "Collaborating with Myself" and has work by Li and Misa (SLURL).

Raglan Featured on MetaverseTV

Tinies in the News

MBC reporter Lisa Hermano visited Raglan Shire and reported about tinies and Raglan on the January 8th episode. The segment about Raglan starts around 7:54 minutes in.

mbc screenshot