Kitten Poems

Emergent Kitten Poems

My KittyCats breedable kittens are named after a phrase that I hear while I am naming them. It could be part of a song, dialogue from a movie, or something else that just happens to be heard.

New kittens have these phrases as part of their pedigree - parents, grandparents, and relatives each have a random phrase as their name. Putting these phrases together produces a poem.

The meaning of each phrase changes in the context of the other phrases producing something that can't be predicted.

These are called emergent poems because they weren't written by me - they emerged from things overheard and by the random happenstance of being in a kitten's pedigree.

Rural Len

Walked the sand with the crustaceans
With winded rock
Underground like a wild potato
Rural speedway


Late night, early morning
Blue bottomless pool
The frayed color of ice

Simple as that

Top of the sky
The she, scared electricity
'Cause it's the subject of the eyes of the clown
and more beautiful than the sun

Newfangled Hammer

I am hoarse with wild eyes
I saw this soft underbelly,
and I lunged

It was this earthy thing
You play with fire, You get burned

Hot metal in the sun
From the smell of it, It's nothing criminal

An egression to the exterior
You search, you find, you stop
Top of the sky


Superb conditions far from me
This represents the blood pattern
Out by the fire breathing

A hundred million lifetimes
In this land of strangers
A number of things have disappeared

From which the spray rose up
Victory is a blue and bruising voice
I can't talk anymore

untitled (8/3/2013)

We were full on idle
As the smile ran away from his face
Their razor sharp tongues

We've seen the dream folks
Newfangled hammer moving me with a sound
There's genius in that

The Lay of the Land (8/10/2013)

Oh, last flight, get lost in the moss
With your usual mixture of cunning and audacity
Would you feel happier or diminished?

When you're ready, it's made with two hand motions

That's all that was important. I am hoarse
With wild eyes, some kind of aristocrat
Running through the depths like water

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