Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Primtionary (Week Four)

Shadow: cave
Zed: zombie
Davey: sacrifice
Moonpanther: candy
Zed: witchcraft
Teal: poison
Euclid: autopsy
Sarah: chocolate
Bloodsong: folklore
Daisyblue: tentacles
Euclid: stagnant
Bloodsong: abracadabra
Zed: guillotine
Irene: mask
Bloodsong: phenomenon
Teal: alone
Euclid: arcane
Robyne: terror
Morti: apple
Davey: ______(mystery!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Primtionary (Week Three)

The third Raglan Shire Halloween Primtionary of 2008!

Hostesses Misa (Queen Amidala) and Karma (Waffle Girl)

These were the awesome builds of the night:

Shadow: eyeball
Blood: abhorrent
Bracken: hearse
Sara: star
Davey: mummy
Jerry: Blood
Stephanie: wand
Bracken: impale
Davey: talisman
Mezz: skull
Moonpanther: wizard
Bracken: incantation
Blood: realm
Moonpanther: scream
Blood: mesmerize
Sarah: cat
Moonpanther: scare
Davey: gargoyle
Blood: occult

Post-Primtionary party!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Primtionary (Week Two)

The second Raglan Shire Halloween Primtionary of 2008!

These were the awesome builds of the night:
Chaff: apparition
Krull: sinister
Bel/Shady: gallow
Euclid: necromancer
Copper: disembowel
Shady: alchemy
Copper: ogre
Merri: ectoplasm
Teal: voodoo
Ti: scarecrow
Shadow: torch
Bel/Ti: shadow
Euclid: shiver
Teal: coven
Awor: hallucinate
Copper: exhume
Blood: jinx
Euclid: dematerialize
Daisy: whisper
Blood: premonition

There are more primtionary pictures in my flickr stream in the Raglan Primtionary set from this and previous primtionary events. As always I wish I could have more pictures from the event!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Style: The Bun+Moon

Bun and Moon Halloween Outfit

B*) Halloween School Girl

Keira Maertens has a wonderful new outfit out for Halloween. It comes with pumpkin beanie, top with tie, skirt, shoes, and bracelets. The Bun+Moon main store is located on Morning Shire in Raglan, and has a really nice range of outfits.

Special pumpkin necklace and earrings are a group gift; if you aren't a member of The Bun+Moon you should join!

Bun and Moon Halloween OutfitBun and Moon Halloween Outfit

Bun and Moon Halloween Outfit

Gum from Peaches' awesome treat giver at Lilliput. (Guess what you have to say to get a treat!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Halloween Primtionary! (Week One)

The first Raglan Shire Halloween Primtionary of 2008!

Misa and Karma at the controls!

These were the awesome builds of the night:
Sherrade: spider
Awor: magician
Oceanoz: vampire
Awor: imagination
Bloodsong: harbinger
Bel: bat
Awor: adrenaline
Bloodsong: petrify
Euclidean: phenomena
Sherrade: unicorn
Angel: soothsayer
Sherrade: garlic
Bloodsong: invoke
Balto: pumpkin
Irene: ghost
Shadow: potion
Sherrade: werewolf
Awor: hoax
Moon: coffin
Oceanoz: witch

Lots of folks came dressed up in wonderful costumes! I wish I could take more pictures during the event because Raglan Shire folks are mad-crazy creative! Many incredible builds! I usually only get a chance to take pics on the impossible words because then there is a little more time before someone guesses what the answer is.