Saturday, January 9, 2010

Autism Awareness @Tiatopia

Huckleberry Hax Poem & Misa Delight Sculpture

Tiatopia Island has been hosting an Autism Awareness Event all week with tons of events - live music, art auction, lectures, stories, poetry readings, contests and so much more. The event is raising awareness and funds for Autism both in and out of Second Life.

The event that I have been a part of is the Poetry Build. From the press release:
POETRY BUILD: The biggest event of the entire week is one that blends poetry and 3D SL Building. Poems that have been collected from SL's poets are displayed and then the SL builder interprets the poetry using SL prims. This build will last for 4 days and will culminate into 2 days of voting. People will vote for their favorite duo by donation. All proceeds will go to Autism Research and Awareness Education. The winners will recieve high quality donated prizes from vendors all over the grid. The winners will also have their poem and build on display at Tiatopia's Fine Arts Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

The poem, "Aspie", is by Huckleberry Hax. It's a great poem and was really inspirational to build to!

Through Saturday, January 9th you can see the poem and build at Tiatopia (SLURL)

I went to Huckleberry's blog to see the post about the event and was surprised to see all the stories! Huckleberry has written a lot! And they are in online book format, too. I've only gotten half-way through one of them so far, but it's really well-written and interesting. So now I want to read them all! (Though as a PG avi I feel compelled to note that they aren't PG books.) [update: I finished the book and it was awesome!]

I've also put up the build and a screenshot showing the poem at the sky gallery on I AM Columbia island. It's a gallery show called "Collaborating with Myself" and has work by Li and Misa (SLURL).

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Anonymous said...

Missssaaaa! Thankies so much for doings the build! It is lovely and expressive! Huck is a great poet...and his poem deserved a great builder! Congratulations!

<3 Tia