Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Shimmer Outfits

Mix and Match Outfits

New summer outfits come with two types of top, and three types of skirt, and the poof skirt can be overlaid with the longer skirts to create even more options. You can mix and match to create different looks.

Summer Shimmer is available in several different colors, or you can get the Super Pack that has all the shimmers plus an additional 50+ colors.
Summer Shimmer Outfit - Super Pack

Summer Shimmer Super Pack
The Super Pack outfit has a dialogue menu to change colors. The Shimmers sub menu section has all eight of the shimmer colors, the other sub menus have the additional 50+ single colors.

Summer Shimmer Teal
Example combination: seafoam top and poof skirt

Available at Delight!

You can also see more pictures at the Tiny Shoppers blog.

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