Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Collection 2010

The new Winter Collection is in the Delight vendors!

The new Winter Collection is out in the vendors, each item is only $125L.
Three outfits for holiday and winter wear:
-Shiny Happy Dresses and Gowns
-Cuddle Snugs
-Bond Street Tartan Wraps

Shiny Happy Dresses and Gowns

Six colors of each style (dress and gown).
~Delight~Shiny Happy Dress (in American Dollar colors)
~Delight~ Shiny Happy Gown (in Sea Foamy colors)

Cuddle Snugs

Six colors of argyle: Sea Kelp, Spinach Salad, Grape, Toasted, Blueberry, and Collegiate.
Delight - Cuddle Snug

Bond Street Tartan Wraps

Six colors of tart wraps: Raspberry, Blueberry, Red Apple, Papaya, Rhubarb, and Green Apple.
Delight - Bond Street Tartan Wrap

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