Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Primtionary (Week Three)

The third Raglan Shire Halloween Primtionary of 2008!

Hostesses Misa (Queen Amidala) and Karma (Waffle Girl)

These were the awesome builds of the night:

Shadow: eyeball
Blood: abhorrent
Bracken: hearse
Sara: star
Davey: mummy
Jerry: Blood
Stephanie: wand
Bracken: impale
Davey: talisman
Mezz: skull
Moonpanther: wizard
Bracken: incantation
Blood: realm
Moonpanther: scream
Blood: mesmerize
Sarah: cat
Moonpanther: scare
Davey: gargoyle
Blood: occult

Post-Primtionary party!

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