Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Primtionary (Week Two)

The second Raglan Shire Halloween Primtionary of 2008!

These were the awesome builds of the night:
Chaff: apparition
Krull: sinister
Bel/Shady: gallow
Euclid: necromancer
Copper: disembowel
Shady: alchemy
Copper: ogre
Merri: ectoplasm
Teal: voodoo
Ti: scarecrow
Shadow: torch
Bel/Ti: shadow
Euclid: shiver
Teal: coven
Awor: hallucinate
Copper: exhume
Blood: jinx
Euclid: dematerialize
Daisy: whisper
Blood: premonition

There are more primtionary pictures in my flickr stream in the Raglan Primtionary set from this and previous primtionary events. As always I wish I could have more pictures from the event!

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Zayn Till said...

w000t its MISABLOG :D