Friday, October 3, 2008

Halloween Primtionary! (Week One)

The first Raglan Shire Halloween Primtionary of 2008!

Misa and Karma at the controls!

These were the awesome builds of the night:
Sherrade: spider
Awor: magician
Oceanoz: vampire
Awor: imagination
Bloodsong: harbinger
Bel: bat
Awor: adrenaline
Bloodsong: petrify
Euclidean: phenomena
Sherrade: unicorn
Angel: soothsayer
Sherrade: garlic
Bloodsong: invoke
Balto: pumpkin
Irene: ghost
Shadow: potion
Sherrade: werewolf
Awor: hoax
Moon: coffin
Oceanoz: witch

Lots of folks came dressed up in wonderful costumes! I wish I could take more pictures during the event because Raglan Shire folks are mad-crazy creative! Many incredible builds! I usually only get a chance to take pics on the impossible words because then there is a little more time before someone guesses what the answer is.

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