Thursday, February 4, 2010

360 View

Free Utility at Peek360

Peek360° is a free utility for viewing virtual worlds via a browser. To test it out I put in a request for the spot near my shop on Morning Shire. Of course, being a tiny, I put in the coordinates my map showed. I was really impressed when I got an in-world IM from one of the Peek360 team letting me know that although the shot was coming out, it works much better when given an altitude of a humanoid avatar. They recommended I fly up a bit and then submit that altitude number. UPDATE: I just got a notice that they changed this so smaller avatars don't have to submit a different altitude!

Here's the first low request:

And here's my second request with a little bit higher altitude. This one is in the west side Raglan Shire:

Another helpful tip: stand at least 8 meters away from the coordinates you submitted if you'd like to be in the pictures!

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Violet Faulds said...

Oooo. I can see my house from there!