Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiny Futon Side Seat

Color Change Futon & Pillows

Over 50 Colors (via Menu)

Seven Prims, Seven Poses

Tiny Futon Side Seat

Changing Colors

To change the color of either the futon or the pillows, click on the base of the futon (the largest shape). If you are the owner, you should now see a blue dialog box with two options: pillows or futon. Each of those options will take you to another menu allowing you to choose a color category, then finally a specific color. You can mix and match colors to create harmonious duets or funky combinations.


There are seven poses for tiny avatars. Each shape in the futon has a different tiny sit associated with it. Right-click on one of the parts of the futon and choose sit.
  • Main cushion: Recline on back with feet on arm rest
  • Front Pillow: Sit in center of futon, legs crossed, arms up
  • Right Pillow: Sit on right side of futon against arm rest, one arm up
  • Left Pillow: Sit on left side of futon, legs crossed, arms up
  • Back of Futon Pillow: Recline on side on top of pillows
  • Arm Rest: Recline on side of arm rest towards the back
  • Arm Rest Base: Sit on floor leaning against the base of the arm rest


The futon is copy, but it's better to pull a new copy from the inventory instead of shift-dragging. Shift dragging to copy sometimes glitches the poses. If that happens, just delete the futon and pull another out of inventory.


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