Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fuzznutz Rocks Medieval Fest 2009


The longest running all-tiny-band, Fuzznutz, played a fabulous set today as the opening band for Gina Stella. Founding members Awor Blabbermouth, Chaffro Schoonmaker, and Zayn Till were joined by new members Bo Fiddlesticks on keyboards and me, Misa Delight, as lead singer.

This was an incredible day! We had so much fun and the crowd was WILD!

Raglan was overloaded with people attending the show!

The crowd threw waffles on stage! What a sign of love!

Bo on keyboards

Awor on guitar

Misa - lead singer!

Chaff on guitar

Zayn on drums

More images from the show are on Misa's Flickr and Karma's Flickr.