Friday, September 11, 2009

New Dresses from Cat Masala!

Fine Medieval Finery

Don't let the name of this new dress from Cat Masala fool you - there is nothing shabby about it.

Misa on left wearing Tiny Shabby Princess Blue, and Cat Masala on the right in the Green version (lovely with the green cat eyes)

You can choose from 4 colors and each outfit includes a crown - or buy one of every color (I have them all now!) They are very reasonably priced at only L$175 each. These "Tiny Shabby Princess" outfits are currently at the Medieval tents in Raglan but Cat and Nero have a store in Raglan called Catpaws (slurl) if you want to see more of their fine wares.

Tiny shabby Princess Purkle
Tiny shabby Princess Green
Tiny shabby Princess Blue
Tiny shabby Princess Red

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