Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tinies love to sit on stuff!

Why do tinies like to sit on things?

Rez something near a tiny and it's highly likely they will either riverdance on it or sit on it. Take a tiny to an art exhibit and yep... at least one will be sitting on an artwork.

Karma was riding one of the butterflys so Bartolo and I joined her. Those things are heartier than they look - 3 tinies on its back and it had no problem flying around.

How many tinies can sit on a life-sized Wafflegirl doll? Seven so far...

Karms, Zayn, and I were hunting down the elusive openloft that is a free in-world sculptie builder, when after the third or fourth tele we end up in a sim with some type of bubble alarm. The alarm goes off and bubbles are released. Well of course we all had to sit on a bubble and see how far up we could go!

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