Friday, September 11, 2009

Haiku Speed Build!

50 minutes, 50 prims, 1 haiku

One of the SL events I love participating in is the Haiku Speed Build every Thursday at 6:00 PM SL in Afar (slurl) and once a month in Raglan (see event calendar for dates and times).

At the start of the event the host, Special Jewell, will post a haiku. The counter then begins ticking down and participants only have a maximum of 50 minutes and 50 prims to express the haiku in 3D. Any scripting or textures can be used, but all elements of the build must be created from scratch.

At the end of the 50 minutes participants and viewers walk around and look at the different interpretations of the haiku and then everyone votes for their top 3 favorites. This is all in good fun and honestly I am always surprised when I occasionally win, but being the dork that I am I love to take a picture of my build with a ribbon, or with me standing next to the ribbon.

Last night I had the honor of sharing 3rd place with my awesome friend Karma!

The Haiku

Dim the grey cow comes
mooing, mooing and mooing
out of the morning mist

My build at midnight

My build at midday

Karma's build - I love the look on the cow's face!

If you want to see more Haiku builds (by me and other tinies), visit my flickr =)

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