Friday, September 11, 2009

Magic Wand Summons Noms!

Fantastic Squabbit Magics

Karms just released a really cool wand that summons waffles! And cookies! And... 11 other things including a kitchen sink! It's a lot of fun and we ran around magicking stuff into existence =)

If you want to get a magic wand of your own you can find them at Karma's Store (slurl).


Karmagirl said...

zayn is countin the prims on that sink, bwhaha he got his math face on.

itibbi said...

I made a little video of Karma testing it! Whee!!!!

Misa said...

hahah ya Karms he does!
Tibbi! I can't click the link and I really want to see that video! i found your iTube page but I don't see that video on there. But I did see a very cute dog doing tricks :D